H1b Selected in 2015 but still no process initiated by employer

Hi There, My wife got the email from her employer on the H1b Lottery selection during November 2015. Its been 5 months now she is following up with the employer to know the status. Employer keep saying that there are do the process based on technology. They are prioritizing CLoud and bigdata for now. My wife is the Mainframe professional. How long the selected lottery is valid for Visa processsing? Any other advice? should we still have hope on this?

Do you know if the petition is approved? If yes, then another employer can file a cap-exempt petition for her while the current employer delays her joining in US.

Hi Saurabh…thanks for the answer. She got a mail last november saying her petition is selected in lottery with the petition number. For last 5 months no visa processing has been initiated by her employer. Reason behind they are giving priority for Cloud and bigdata.

My question is how long this petition is valid for visa processing? Her L1 expried 3 years back and she has no valid visa now.
If she resign this current employer, can we use this petition number with new employer? or she has to start the lottery process all over again?
Should we have hope with the current employer? will they waste this approved petition in this current CAP scenario? Please advice

Is her petition approved? Selection in lottery is one thing, and approval is another. If you know the receipt number, then what is the current status shown online?

I assume she is outside US.

Yes…she is in India. To give a clarity during November she got a call from her employer saying that her petition got selected in Lottery and it is going for her manager approval to proceed further. She also got a mail from her People soft saying its been sent for her manager approval, in that mail it has her details and 6 digit Petition ID.

If im not wrong the receipt number is 13 digit which we can use to track online. When the petition get selected in lottery will we the get the receipt number along with that? May be the employer is not sharing the receipt no to employee because they may use it with other company after resigning.

Also do we still have to get anymore approval from USCIS to proceed further. What do you think? is her case acutally selected in lottery as mentioned by employer.

If she applied in FY-16 (i.e. in April 2015), then most of the candidates were informed about lottery selection in next few months. It seems very unlikely that employer came to know about the selection in Nov.

Yes, receipt number is a 13 digit combination. So what she has doesn’t look like a petition number.

If the petition is really selected in lottery, USCIS still needs to adjudicate it and would eventually approve or deny the petition. Once it has been approved, your wife will have to appear for H-1 visa stamping. Only after that can she travel to US to work for the employer.

Did you guys paid any money to this employer? When he informed about selection in Nov, did he ask for additional money?

No Saurabh, they didnt ask any money. After they informed last november, during this Jan they asked us to submit all the documents which she did. As i mentioned in my earlier reply, this is the VisaPettion ID- 112878 she got from peoplesoft. Wat is this number mean?

Maybe something internal to your employer. She should ask employer what it means. Also ask for clarification on USCIS receipt number.

USCIS doesn’t prioritize processing on the basis of tech domain like cloud, bigdata etc.