H1B RFE response send to USCIS and Upgraded to PP ,What will be the next status?


I have received a RFE on 16 august and my Org replied to it on 22nd sept .On 23rd the status at USCIS tracker has been updated to “Response To USCIS’ Request For Evidence Was Received”.On 28 my Org said they have submitted the request to upgrade the case to PP .But still there is no update on the site and also I am not sure the case has been upgraded to PP or not.So is there will be any new status after the case has been upgraded to PP?Should I ask my Immigration team to do a followup?

It would be better for your immigration team to follow-up to ensure that USCIS has received the PP upgrade request. 15 calendar day windows starts from the day USCIS processes the upgrade request.

I got an rfe around july with a deadline to respond oct 6, for some reason my company took forever and sent the extra docs to uscis right b4 the deadline. Uscis updated site to evidence received and further processing, case got approved and website got updated 2 weeks later. I believe it varies by case but usually takes around a month, so don’t rush things, if you passed the lottery and sent them the rfe all you can do is be patient. Good luck!


I had upgraded to PP, but it took 20 Calendar Days to change my status from Case was received to Case was approved. It got approved on 20th day end.ie. 14 business days in my case (Please calculate with their business days) and wait.

The status was Case was received from the beginning and it didn’t change till my 20th calendar day of PP and it suddenly changed as “Name was Updated” for 2 hours and after 2 hours" Case was Approved"


Thanks … my case got approved on the 14th day :slight_smile: