H1B RFE received when project is going end in October

The current contract of the assigned project is valid upto oct end and its going to renew by November end. At this situation, my Visa department is telling that they need SoW which need to be valid atleast for min 6 months, otherwise yours RFE will not get approved. Last date to submit the RFE to USCIS is 10th oct. Current project have SoW, MSA, PO but all is valid for october and Client denied to give client letter.

At this circumstance, what is the best way to respond the RFE

If the client has agreed to Nov extension in email, you can attach that email copy. If they have given verbal agreement, then include a letter from someone in your own management chain vouching for the case and mentioning this verbal agreement.

If there are other employees whose contracts at this client have been extended, then you can include that as well. Also attach the email from the client where they refused to issue client letter as a company policy.