H1b RFE premium processing

My employer had filed for H1b amendment under normal processing in Oct 2015. On 26 Feb RFE was raised for same. We prepared documents and sent to attorney. Before attorney filed response we requested to upgrade case to Premium processing. On 21 April status got updated to my case was received and receipt notice was emailed. Immediately next day status got updated to RFE issued. My attorney says they are yet to file response for previous RFE.

So this new RFE would be just because case got updated to premium processing or USCIS might have asked for note documents?

Usually it gets assigned to a new case officer when upgraded to PP. The 2nd RFE would be based on other officer’s review. Either it would be same as before, or different. You will have to wait for actual RFE notice to know for sure.

Thanks for the update. My attorney is going to send response based on previous RFE notice in a day or two. They might not have received second RFE notice till now. If the second RFE is different how would it work then?

If the 2nd RFE is different and USCIS considers this as response to 2nd RFE, then it may be an issue as it may not address 2nd RFE concerns. The RFE notice should be received within a week. If it is not so urgent, attorney should wait and then reply.