H1B RFE -No update yet on status even after 13 days.

Hi, Applied for H4 to H1B (COS- cap exempt) using previously approved petition in 2011 in Jan 2016 after getting a job offer. Got RFE on 02/01 for right to control EE relationship and availability of specialty occupation. (Client letter, MSA, SOW). Client does not have policy to give letters to contractors. but agreed to send an email with signature and job duties. Replied to RFE usinf Vendor letter (detailed) and client email along with other docs like employment agreement. Changed to RFE response received on 02/12. Its been in the same status until now i.e., 02/24- 13 days. Client/Vendor partner are not agreeing to wait beyond this week. Very concerned if it could be denial as the longer you wait in premium the more possibility of it being a denial? Its been 13 days in my case, already. Anyone knows the pattern or its just random trend for approval and denial? Please respond if you have seen the case like this?

You can upgrade to PP to get a quicker response. Under normal processing, there is no SLA.

Hi Saurabh,
This was applied under premium only. Have you heard the approval coming for on 14th and 15th day usually? Or does it mean that since its been so late in the game, it means denial? Very scared.

I have seen instances when it was approved on 14th or 15th day. So delay doesn’t mean denial. Once 15 calendar day windows elapses and there is no intimation from them, your attorney should follow-up ASAP.

Madsr, do keep us posted if you hear on 14th or 15th day

Finally, got Approved this morning. Took until the 15th day to get the approval. Its been quite the wait but in the end all good. I wish everyone gets the approval sooner or later.

Submitted Employment Agreement, Detailed Prime Vendor Letter, Client Email (No letter was provided).

Hi friend

Would like to know why you got RFE is it like 3 year degree or some private universtity? Can you please let me knnow…