H1B RFE -- No Reply from 39days and where to track


My H1B is in RFE Status, Submitted all RFE Questions

Now i have changed my job and i suspect if my Co may stop processing from here onwards.

Can i get RFE Approved without Co's help ? Can i get any other CO's (my joining Co) to take forward from here ?


OR i should get RFE Approved and only then can i can take forward for further processing.

Can i track H1B Status on my own ? what reference needed for this and where ?


All your help will be greatly appreciated

Hi ,

You can track your H1B's status from below link :

Enter yr Receipt Number and check status.



Once you submit all required docs for RFE asked by USCIS, it status change to Responce Review from RFE and then based on USCIS decision it will be approved or denied.

95% cases get approved when required docs are submitted correctly.

Hope this help to you.