H1B RFE for 2018 cap.

Hi All,Any idea, if we get any more chance to submit additional doc, if current RFE get rejected by USCIS.(as I dont have signed SOW till now)Or, any max timeline by which we can submit supporting docs.

Thank you.

What do you mean by rejecting a RFE? You didn’t respond to the RFE within the deadline provided? If you case is rejected, then you may have to file a MTR. All the details about MTR will be provided in the rejection notice.

Actually, I had RFE for 4 documents. I responded with 3 valid and 1 invalid(SOW :project end was on July-2017). So here my question is “will USCIS give one more chance to submit a valid one or will they reject my application all together?”

Appreciate your response.

Depends on the officer who handles the case. If he/she wishes to give you a chance, they would issue a RFE.

Thank you for your comments.

My employer filled my H1B petition in 2016 for project ‘A’ for client ‘X’.
Now, I received an RFE in 20 Sept 2015, asking for SOW, MSA, employee & Employer relationship documents.
But SOW for project ‘A’ is expired now. My manager is telling me to submit RFE response with SOW document for project ‘B’ And client ‘X’. With Same Location (i. e. within 50miles)
Can I submit my RFE with SOW for project ‘B’ for the another client ‘X’.

Please reply, what can be done in this case. Its urgent.