H1b RFE, end client location change in same city/ county

Hi, I am on F1-CPT visa and applied for H1b this year. My application got selected in lottery and just received an RFE from USCIS. I am employed through company ‘A’ who has a contract with a middle vendor ‘B’ and ultimately working for client ‘C’. Now one part of my RFE is employer-employee relationship and right of control. I have received a letter from my client stating the right of control. The problem here is before I received my RFE, my work location changed. I am working with the same end client, but they moved their office to nearby location in same county. So my employer had filed an LCA for ‘X’ location and now as my client has moved, the client letter shows as ‘Y’ location.

Will this again create a discrepancy? Do I need to file a LCA again with new work location? Do I need to do h1b ammendment while one is still in process

hi even I am in exactly same situation. i have received rfe for same reason and now the client letter has different address than the one filed. the two location x & y are only 6 miles apart but are different cities in bay area,ca…
can you please share your experience here… how did your employer go about ? did you get the approval? pls reply.