H1B RFE (CPT Related)

Hello everyone, thank you for answering all kinds of questions relating to the H1b as well as F1 visa. I have applied for my H1B this year and got picked up in the lottery this year. I have also received an RFE regarding my second master’s school located in Virginia through which I got a CPT from day one. My situation being that I worked in Florida for some time back in 2014 and had rented a place with my sister and even though my project took me to different places, I kept renting that apartment to have a permanent home in the U.S. Now I have got an RFE and though I have a good lawyer working on my case, I would still like to get a second opinion from the members and to see whether anyone previously got an RFE like this and are any chances of solving this RFE. Below are the details of the RFE.

The submitted forms I-20 indicate the beneficiary’s U.S. address is in New York. The Form I-129 identifies the beneficiary’s U.S. address in Florida and the school located in Virginia. Therefore it does not appear that the beneficiary is pursuing a full course of study in F-1 status as her residence appears to be outside the commuting distance from the school. You may still submit the evidence to satisfy this requirement. Evidence many include, but is not limited to:

• A copy of the SCHOOL ’s course catalogue identifying the Beneficiary’s CPT as part of the Master’s degree in Computer Information Systems course of study

• A statement from SCHOOL identifying how Beneficiary’s obtained her CPT and indicating whether it was obtained individually, through SCHOOL , or through an outside consultancy service or company.

• Any documentation showing when and how CPT is granted at SCHOOL for graduate students.

• Any documentation showing that Beneficiary’s is pursuing a full course of study with SCHOOL as well as evidence of the Beneficiary’s tuition payments.

• A list of all the addresses where the beneficiary has resided in the United States with exact “FROM” AND “TO” dates. The list should be accompanied by supporting evidence which may include: bank statements, telephone bills, utility bills, lease agreements, and any mail correspondences from your school. Provide proof of current address and telephone number. NOTE: If the beneficiary has not continually resided within Virginia or within a normal commuting distance during some or all of the time you have taken classes at ACCT, provide evidence of travel from the beneficiary’s residence(s) to the school. Such evidence may include, but is not limited to, plane ticket receipts, train/bus passes, interstate gas receipts etc.

Any updates on your case?