H1B RFE | Chances of approval

I am selected in H1B lottery this year but, I have recieved an RFE asking for my job profile information. My company is submitting the requested informatoin. What should be the chances of my H1B visa approval? Please suggest.

Thank you!!

Hello friends,

I am new to this wonderful website and I have question regarding my RFE status.

H1B application normal processing by my employer. My employer is not disclosing much information with me.

Application rcvd date: 13th april 2015

Since 26th june - Request for RFE mailed.

No change in status since then.

My employer said, he has not provided client letter to USCIS and thats why we got RFE.

No update since then, They have sent the the client letter on 21st sep. 15 (yesterday). I am anoyyed with their late response and I have asked them the cause but they said, we do not know and only attorney can answer.

My questions.

How much time does USCIS provide the employer to respond for RFE? It seems in my case they took almost 3 months to reply USCIS.

Can USCIS deny the application due to delay?

what are my options.

this is a common form of RFE. company has to submit the information in required format. i don’t expect this to cause major issues