H1b rfe approval

Hi, My fiance had his petition picked in the lottery for H1B 2018 cycle. He received a RFE in June 2017. He works for Uniconpharma a HR firm. His contract with the client firm expired in August 2018. At present, he is out of job. What are the chances that my fiance’s H1B will eventually be approved ? He plans to travel in end Nov for his wedding in early Dec. When is he likely to receive an approval? We have waited too long for his H1B result and we would like to make more concrete plans with regards to the wedding preparations. He completed a Masters degree in Biotechnology in 2014 in Uni of Houston and the correspondence for the visa has been done through immigration lawyers. He could not upgrade to premium processing and is still on regular processing. I believe the RFE was about the nature of the relationship he had with the client firm and about long term employment prospects. Thanks in advance.