H1b RFE about whether or not university is qualified for advanced cap?

did any one got the same RFE and what happend ?? please someone help

what happes if my lawyer responds to that?? did anyone got their visa approved for this typr of RfE

I remember seeing one such RFE. Did you do your Masters from a for-profit school? Let me look for link for that query and you can connect w/ that member.

Here is the post: http://redbus2us.com/qa/10731/h1b-ref-to-prove-that-my-univ-is-certified

thank u saurabh, do u think there is some answer for this coz why would they send RFE if they already knew they would directly deny the visa rite??

They don’t deny it outright. They first give a chance to employer/attorney to respond and present their case before passing the final judgment.

hmmm… ok ya…