H1b revoked, filing transfer


I got laid off by employer A on 10/14/2016, i got a new job on 11/17/2016 with employer B. Employer B trying to file a transfer for me, lawyer told me that employer A have already submitted the revocation request on 10/17/2016 so i need to go thru consulate process for my transfer. So may days more can i stay in US. How the trump factor gonna effect the consulate process, will be there any difficulties in re-instating my visa? Please answer

Not sure why your lawyer said to go for consulate processing, but you dont need to go for it. If emp B files a new non-cap H1B petition ASAP, you should be fine. If there is an RFE for why you got 4 weeks gap, you can write a letter explaining you got another offer and filing H1B by Emp B.