h1b revoked due to fraud and mentioned it will not comes under cap exempt

Please find the brief update on my issue (H1B revoked) and provide your valuable suggestion:

I have received this Intend to denial (I-129 petition) document last week :

In FY 2014 H1B get filed by company AA, get stamped and entered into USA in Jan, 2015.

In December 2015 my company sold to other employer BB (not sure what was the issue) and I have moved to company BB where they filed I-129 petition for amendment/transfer in Aug 2015 which was pending for long time almost 2 years.

In between company BB applied for my visa extension which is going to expire in august 2017 and I also received new I-797 approval document on March 2017 (valid from Aug 2017 to Aug 2020) with company BB (attached)

I also have approved I-140 (attached) with my Employer BB.

Now I have received my I-129 petition (transfer/Amendment) intend to deny and also my Present H1B (AA) got revoked with finding of fraud on or about April 20 2017 and requested my company (BB) to submit some more documents proofs (client letter/pay stubs/agreements) as some of the document was not provided correctly during transfer petition before May 28 2017.

My question is

  1. Even after they submit the requested documents do they deny my transfer and revoke my new H1B (Aug 2017 to Aug 2020) notice also.

  2. Can I transfer to other company now? is there any possibility for the new approval from USCIS.

Please let me know if you need more details.

Hi Ajay

What happen to your Aug 2017 to Aug 2020 petition. I’m also in same situation, let me know if found any good option to get out of this.


What happened to your case?