H1B Revoked before travelling to USA


I applied H1B through a small company which I am not working for in 2014 visa period.

I got my H1B visa stamped on April 2015, valid up to 2017 and I was in travel preparation but on May 2015 my visa got revoked.

I checked in UCIS website with my EAC number- it is stated Revocation Notice is send to you.

I asked my employer about the reason for revocation - their are saying they don’t know the reason till now.


  1. what may be the reason for revocation.

  2. will get solved and my Visa will be valid.

  3. Whether I am eligible to CAP exempt if I try with another company, if so with in how many months I need to apply.

  4. Once visa is revoked means it is same as no visa?

Please give useful information.