H1b revoke and transfer

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I have h1b till sep2024 and i didnt travel till now.I india i am getting good opportunitites and looking for change.My previous company might revoke and current company might not do h1b transfer or i dont want to disclose to them,can i leave h1b (stamped )unattended ? i mean in revoke stage for an year and then transfer to other company who offers me a job, when i want to move to USA? pls comment!

Yes, the new H1B sponsoring employer can file a cap-exempt petition for you and once approved you can travel to the US provided your visa is valid the day you enter the US.

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This is what i got info,but from below link i got this so worried.

How to Transfer Your H1B Visa & Track the Transfer Status [2022].
Once your employment ceases, you are officially out of status and you will not be eligible to apply for an H1B transfer.

Change of employer petition aka H1B transfer works only when the beneficiary is in the US. If you are outside of the US, the new employer can file a new cap-exempt H1B petition and the remaining period of the 6 year H1B period which is what I mentioned above.