H1B Revocation Query

HI There,

I have a Query if any immigration lawyer can assist me please. Below is my Case :

My Employer applied for H1B in Nov 2011. In July 2012 my petition got approved. In August 2012 i got my Visa stamped. My I129 Approval notice was valid from July 2012 till April 2014.

In January 2013, I entered US and in April 2013 I was back in India. After which i have not visited US till date. Also I left my sponsoring employer in 2014 itself.

Today when i was checking my Receipt status on USCIS Website, it shows that my application is revoked. I think as i left my earlier employer they must have revoked the application.

My queries are :

  1. Can any other employer sponsor me H1B based on my earlier H1B approved petition
  2. Will it be Cap exempt or do i need to go through CAP round again.

Any help appreciated

Hi All,

Can anyone please reply. Help appreciated.



As far as I know your new company will have to do all the process again, typically they should have attorneys and one attorney should be assigned to handle your case. As from your description your visa was expired since 2014, remember you will need a Valid VISA to enter the states back again.

Anyhow, will recommend make all these questions to your attorney’s company.

Good luck with that.