H1b- Retake visa interview

Hi ,

I had my visa interview on Dec 10th 2015. after my interview VO said my visa was apporved. Vo took my passport and a copy of i797 at that time. Today after two days I have received a call from consulate office saying that I have to re take the visa interview. Please share your thoughts it would help me a lot.

Consulate office is at Hyd.

questions duing interview (1st time)

  1. who is ur sponsor

  2. who is ur end client

  3. How long u have been working with ur client.

Maybe they discovered something when processing your application - either specific to you or the employer.

Do you know any other employees who attended visa interview recently? If yes, how did they do?

I don’t know if it’s normal to receive “calls” regarding this. What is the status of passport online and did you receive any email regarding this?