H1b renewal while last year 4 months in india

Last year I came India after 3 years. I visited embassey as my employer was changed. That time I stayed india around 4 months as employer allowed few time off and few work from India. My family came last year and I wend back US alone.

This year as I got my H1b extension, I need to visit embassey again to get renewal. Also I am planning to take my family US with me. I came here in last week of Sept and again i will stay here 3 month.

Friends I got the interview date (with family) but i am worried if that can be reason for rejection to stay long (3 monhs) here and doing few days work from India on H1b?

Guys can you suggest how and what to reply if VO asked reason to stay long and should I disclose that I am working remotely 1 month? I am working with US employer and not as contractor.

Carry a leave of absence letter from the employer showing that they have granted the 3 month leave and expect you to join the work after those 3 months. Also carry your manage information so that the officer can contact him/her (if required).

Thank you so much Saurabh. as I am not on complete time off(working few days from India), is it red flag if I mentioned that I was partially working from India. I have absence letter which shows the same but if it can cause issue, I can ask my employer to give me whole 3 months time off letter. Please suggest.

You can mention that you were working remotely temporarily to finish off some important projects and are expected to join fulltime once you return to US. If your employer is ready, then get the letter accordingly for above. Also, this information needs to be provided only if the officer asks for it.