H1B renewal pending and company is aquired by new company

My H1B renewal petition is filed in May 22 its status is still pending …But now my company is aquired by a new company so my company name is changed…My original H1B expiry was Aug 2022
Do I need to file amended petion now , but since my original H1 is expired will this amendment be treated beyond time line

You need to discuss this with your employer’s immigration lawyer. Generally when company gets acquired and the acquiring company is SII ( successor in interest), there is no need to file H1B amendment even if the company name change. The new company can submit change of name documents to USCIS when applying the next extension of status.
Talk to your HR and employer’s immigration lawyer to find out if amendment is required.

Thanks Kalpesh ji , Yes I have sent an email to HR also…
But the point I have is after filing my H1B well in time in May 22 much before expiry of my original H1 in Aug 22 the extension application is still pending and I am in 240 days window …I was wondering since I still dont have my H1 extension , do my employer need to file amendment even before the approval or only after the approval in case so needed …Will approval extension approval process get impacted by name change due to aquisition ?

Going back to what I mentioned earlier, you need to consult your immigration lawyer.

No, unless the acquiring company is not SII.