H1B Renewal-Dropbox - 221g(Blue Slip)- Attend interview in person-No documents asked


I applied for my H1B renewal using the drop box option on June 19 2017 and recieved my passport back with 221g(blue slip) back on June 27 2017 asking to attend the interview in person. No supporting documents have been requested, I have a couple of questions,

  1. Within how many days after recieving the 221g blue slip should I attend the personal interview. It says any day(monday,Tuesday,Thrusday.Friday) I can attend the interview. I want to get a supporting letter from my employer. Can i attend the interview after 1 week ?

  2. Is there something that i need to take care when attending the interview at the consulate ?

  3. What are the documents that i need to carry ?

Same thing happened to me and I attended interview today @ chennai. Again blue slip stating additional admin processing required. No documents asked. I work as FTE with a top tech company. Just sharing my case as it is similar, but not to disappoint you. Each case might be different.

@omsai: I am in the same situation as you are. Have you appeared for the interview yet?

Regarding your questions, if you call the consulate call center, they will help you out.

I too attended interview @chennai on Jun 27. Blue Slip-> No additional Documents required-> But “Administartive Processing” status. My attorney saying that we cannot do anything rather than to wait for 60 days and then only can take any step further

Am also in the same situation , is there any update on your case .

@imran.sk any update on your case?

Hey , so sorry for the late response . My case was approved within 2 weeks and passport picked up in couple of days . Just monitor ur case to see if it’s having any case update . If there is an update then your pertition mostly gets approved after 3-4 days .

@imran.sk is your visa approved? Am in a similar situation.

@Skrishnasamy - My visa was approved in July.

Hello Omsai,would you happen to remember what sort of questions you were asked and what documents you took and which documents the consulate interviewer asked to see?