H1B relocation amendment RFE

Hi All, I have my H1B approved till Sep 2019 in Texas.

My project changed and my recruiter moved me to New York for a new project.

They filled a H1B amendment prior to my relocation. After filling the amendment I moved to Newyork.

I have received a RFE on my amendment. If in case my H1B relocation amendment is rejected,

can I go back to my old project location and work based

on my approved I94 (approved till SEP 2019) ? Or do I need to leave the country.

Can i Transfer my visa to new employer ?

You can go back to previous work location if amendment is denied. You don’t have to leave

Thanks RaNa for reply… can i transfer my visa to other employer while my Amendment is in RFE process…?

Yes, you can go for transfer

In recent times, this has become a commonly asked question. Yes - you can go back to old project location and yes - you can transfer visa to new employer while amendment is in RFE stage.

Sorry for trouble and thanks for reply Sir…