H1B regular processing delayed - More than 6 months?

Hi Everyone,I have received receipt notice on 2nd July but still have not received decision yet.My processing time is beyond normal processing and hence my employer submitted service request in Nov but we have not heard anything.What can we do further to draw attention to my petition?
Has anyone experienced denial after waiting for this much time?

Welll, the only thing you can do is to upgrade to premium processing. With premium processing you can get the decision in 15 days and it will save a lot of time.
Ask your employer to file for it. No SLA for regular processing, so they can take their own time.

Thank you for response. I got RFE after 7 months of waiting for decision. My employer has submitted response but I did not get specifics of RFE as Immigration consultant informed me it was confidential and query was for petitioner .
Should I check with Employer for RFE details?Does it required in future ?
Also is it wise to move application to premium after submitting response ?Since it is already delayed a lot will USCIS provide decision soon or will I have to wait for 90 days or further?