H1B Receipt Status as "Case Received" what is next steps


I received a mail from my employer indicating the receipt number and the USCIS link. When i checked the status in the USCIS link it says your “Case Received”.

Can someone kindly help me to understand the next steps on this. Does this indicates lottery got completed and is there any further process before proceeding for consulate interviews.

Kindly someone share the next steps to understand the complete process.


Yes it is picked in lottery. Below is the flow

  1. Lottery pick and receipt number is allotted

  2. Petition is Approved/Denied (with or without RFE)

  3. Once approved you will get the approval notice then go for stamping

When did you get the receipt number from employer, i am still waiting to hear about a rejection. So just checking if there are approval notices coming around this time.

What are possible reasons for rejection after lottery pick?

Hi friend,

I am also into the similar situation. Please let me know if someone’s case is moving forward?