H1B receipt received by everyone whose petition has been filed?

Hi, My petition was submitted on 8th June by my company’s US office. They haven’t yet sent the receipt and on follow up informed that they haven’t received it yet.

I am aware that uscis had issued a release saying there will be a delay of 2-4 weeks in May and that was temporary situation. Is it valid even now?

Kindly share your experiences/knowledge on this.

I think its still applicable as there wasn’t any update from USCIS which says otherwise.

Thanks Sujith, is it correct that USCIS has been returning 80-90 % petitions filed on or after 8th June- I hope it’s just a rumour.

I have seen one or more persons writing this, but no one has any proof for the same. To me, what USCIS said in their press release is the truth.