H1B Receipt number status always shows initial Review


i got the receipt number on May-3rd of 2012 for h1b-2013 quota.

whenever i check the status it always shows initial review.

Can you please let me know how may days will it take for the approval.

if once it is approved what is the nect step.

Thanks in advance.


The status page in USCIS website may not be accurate all the time. Please check with your employer/attorney on the current status of the petition. Once adjudicated, your employer/attorney will be informed of the same.

I presume you filed without Premium Processing, as with PP processing you would have got the decision in 15 calendar days. For regular filing, the adjudication process might take 2 to 6 months.

Once approved, you may make appointment with your nearest consulate for VISA interview to get your H1B stamped.