H1B receipt Confirmation, computer day confirmation


I wanted cross verify the receipt number that i received, my new employer said I got the receipt number and here it is EAC13132XXXXX. They told me on 11 Apr 13 that i got the receipt. But looking at it, looks like it was received on 12 Apr, because other post on this website sayd 128 is Apr 8 but mine is 132 which is Apr 12. But they told me on Apr 11 that I got the receipt.

So my question is 132, is it Apr 12 or 11. If it is Apr 12 then how would they know one day I ahead of time, is it possible?

I just wanted to check that they haven't send some receipt number and instead of mine. Please help in understanding the receipt number.



Based on work location, the service center differs and so the date 132. According to CA its Apr 12. Your employer might have known this info because USCIS would have encashed the check. Don’t worry. Its selected.

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