H1B recapture unused time

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Looking for your help here pl…I had H1B validity for initial 3 years from 2018-2021 that got completed on September '2021. Have been in US for just 6 months in between and had to come back due to pandemic. Though my visa got expired, is there a possibility to recapture my unused time in my approved 3 years? Also, how positive is to get additive 3yrs extension approved in this case?

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Only the time spend in the US working for the H1B employer is considered against the 6 years of H1B.
Your employer can apply for extension and once approved you can get the H1B stamp and travel to the US for the H1B job.

Thanks much Kalpesh. I was approved only for 3 years by that time where I have utilised 8 months. In future would there be a possibility of having additional 3years extension to fulfil H1B 6 years term? Just curious as this recapture shouldn’t hamper the actual 3 yes extention.

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You have 5 years and 4 months left on your term so yes you will get 3 years and then extension of another 2 years 4 months.

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