H1B put under admin processing - Mumbai


I had a Visa interview in Mumbai, late November, but because of the missing documents the Consulate provided me white slip and I was told that they will contact me. I received an email next day asking for documents related to the OPT extension.

In the month of February, The Consulate emailed me and ask me to submit documents via email related to my H1B approval. Because I had some question regarding the email they sent me, I replied to the email and asked questions regarding what documents they need. Few days later they asked me to submit the documents to the VAC. Before I received the latest email from the Consulate, I had already submitted the document after consulting with my lawyer.

When I had gone to submit the same documents (which I submitted via email) to the VAC, they asked me to submit my passport and they did not take copies of any document as I had submitted the documents via email.

I am currently waiting for a reply from the Consulate, lady who took my passport told me that Consulate usually replies within 3-4 days, and it’s been 5 days already. Has anyone encountered any situation like this before??

Any input is appreciated.


Unfortunately, there is no SLA. Even though the officer mentioned 3-4 days as turnaround time, they can very well take longer than that. Nothing you can do here, except to wait.

Thanks Saurabh. I finally got an email from the Consulate today, they issued my Visa.

Cool! Congrats. So they took around 2 months to process.

Well, technically my Visa interview was in Nov 15 so they took almost 6 months.