H1B Premium - Status not changed even after 15 days


Request somebody to help me. Here is my situation.

On 4th of May 2012 my consultant applied for L1A to H1B transfer, current status of this application is at “Initial Review”. Later on he has upgraded that to premium on Sep 6 2012, initial status on 6th Sep was “Initial Review” later on it moved to Acceptance on 9th Sep 2012. From then on till date the status is not changed. Today is 15th day since my application is upgraded to premium, I have not seen any change in the status. I have the following questions.

  1. Does USICS takes more than 15 days for premium processing?

  2. When should I be getting the decision

  3. My new employer wants me to start from 1st Oct. If there is an RFE on premium status can I stilll go ahead and join my new employer.

My application is submitted in Vermont center.

Any thoughts in this direction would be helpful.

Thanks for your responses.

I have applied for premium processing on 6TH OF SEPTEMBER and my case status still shows as acceptance. I am still waiting aswell…Dont know why even premium processing is taking this long

I got an RFE about 30 Mins back :(. They are asking for the client letter as per my consultant. He has the client letter. Please suggest if anybody knows how long does it take to get the approval once the client letter is given.

I got the same RFE asking for a client letter and my friend got similar one aswell…he submitted it last thursday and he got approval today…so you can expect decision within a week from submitting ur client letter…by the way when did ur premium application reach USCIS was it on 6th of september???

Buddy, looks like we are sailing on the same boat. My consultant said he is going to submit client letter by tomorrow. Yes, my application reached USCIS on 6th Sep on the same date I got my EAC number. By the way which location you have applied, and when are you planning to provide your RFE response. Lets keep in touch to see if we end with good news.

Yes, I got RFE on emp-empl relationship. When i first submitted client letter it was mentioned that client supervised me onsite so they asked for an amendment letter from client asking for clarification that client has no right of control over me and my emloyer has full n exclusive rights over me…I responded to my RFE on sep6th and escalated to premium at same time…

I am confused a bit now. So you have RFE on RFE now? Do you need to submit another client letter now?

nope…you got me wrong…i already responded to my RFE and am waiting for their response…fed up with waiting i escalated my case to premium on sep 7nth…the client letter that i submitted with my original application in May had it stating that I am supervised onsite, to which they asked clarification that my client has no right to assign work or control or manage me…so when u get ur client letter make sure nothing of that sort is mentioned in ur letter…

So you should get your result tomorrow. I wish you good luck buddy…I am little tensed now, like what is going to happen.

I hope they respond tomorrow…am eagerly waiting…if you want a format of client letter let me know…i can help u with one…

Actually there is one layer between my consultant and the direct client. My consultant is confident that it will go through as they have a strong relation and its 5 year old. I am hoping everything goes fine. Is it that USCIS expecting end clients letter or the vendor to the end client is enough. This information is not known to me. Do you have any clue?

Just to let you know I am moving from my current employer to the new client based out of DC area.

last week my friend got similar RFE and she has multiple layers aswell…she submitted intermediate layer letters and i am not sure if she submitted any client letter…i can check with her…she got her approval today…

Wow…thats cool…can you check with her and let me know. That will comfort me, also if you can get a copy of it. You can hide client details and names etc from that. I respect the privacy. My email is ksrfi@yahoo.com. Will be glad to have that.

i just sent an email…check ur inbox…

Did your Visa got approved? Hope you have a good news…

yes, it got approved today itself…moved to post decision from acceptance state…

Wow…Congratulations buddy…my wait is still on…hope I will get through without issues.