H1B Premimum Processing Status

I got an offer from a company and they applied for H1B transfer in PP. Received date - 19/Aug. Today it’s the 13th day of 15 day clock. As it’s a long weekend, what are my chances of getting a response from USCIS? Does it mean a sure RFE?

Position: Big Data Engineer
SOC Code: 15-1199.00 - Computer Occupations, All Other


No, it does not mean that. It is long weekend in US now, you cannot count all days. Sometimes, it can take couple of days more as well, depending on how you count…So, do not assume so. Wait for few more days, talk to your attorney to get update.

hi Kumar,
I got a reply this afternoon. It’s an RFE. I guess as usual USCIS just waited until last couple days and issued an RFE. How convenient.

Well, wish they did it in better way…