H1b - Possibilty of Transfer

Hi, I am currently working for a Company (A) in India. My company has Initiated H1B for me this year (2016) and i got picked in the Lottery (Have a Reciept Number) Now I got a good offer from Company B which i would not like to Deny.

is it possible to Transfer the Visa Process from Cmpany A to Company B ??

Again, I just have a Recipet Number and I DONT feel this is a Premium Processing.

Please suggest with Detailed info



If you change jobs now, A may withdraw the petition and it would be of no use to you in future.

At least get A’s petition approved before leaving A, especially if you plan to use this petition for cap-exempt purposes in future.


What exactly is required to use the same petition for cap exempt, any specific document, mine is a similar case picked in lottery and petition is approved so can that be used in different company or i require the Original documents as i just have the I-129 and I-797B document’s photocopy.

In order of preference:

  1. Copy of approval notice - 797A or 797B
  2. Copy of receipt notice - 797C + print out of online status showing it as approved
  3. Just the receipt number + print out of online status showing it as approved

What is 797C ?
I do have Photocopy of 797B, I-129 & screenshot of online status as Approved.

The original receipt notice is 797C. Once it is approved, USCIS sends out 797A or 797B.

Having 797B is sufficient as it would be (1) in the order I mentioned earlier.