H1B petition transfer from India

Hello Everyone,

I have H1B visa valid till Aug 20 2016, I have travelled to USA on this VISA for one year from April 2014 to March 2015. Currently I am in India and company is ready to apply for H1B Transfer from India. Is it ok if I dont have latest paystubs of USA as its been a year since I am in India. Will there by any issue because of this.

Also, company has applied for premium processing. USCIS website mentions 15 calendar days(which means weekends included). Does this mean they will process it within 11 working days?

See if you can get electronic versions of the payslips. If not, get your bank statements and W-2 to show that salary was indeed paid to you. This information may or may not be asked.

Yes, they would process it in 15 calendar days irrespective of how many holidays/weekends are in b/w.

Thank you very much for the information. I have provided W2. Waiting for updates from USCIS. Current status is Case was received.

They are pretty good w/ the PP timelines. At times, it doesn’t move for 14 days and suddenly gets approved on 15th.

Thank you Saurabh for the information. Keeping my fingers crossed for positive update. If I get RFE again it would get delayed as I will have to gather documents reply to RFE and then again wait for 15 days.

Status changed to RFE. Required documents were mailed on Monday. How Manny days does it take for RFE issued by USCIS to reach company. Company HR told she is not aware of RFE. she will check with Immigration team and let me know.

It should reach them within a week.

What I heard is that in premium processing RFE copy is emailed also to attorney. With that copy RFE response can also be sent.

I don’t know if RFE response can be emailed. Your attorney would know about it.

What I read was the RFE request from USCIS comes via email as well as mail. Atleast we can get to know documents required early

If RFE request was to be emailed, your attorney should have already received it by now.

HR told me she will check with immigration team and get back to me. I will connect with her again today to check if they have received anything