H1B petition transfer from India


Last week I had asked a question that whether I can transfer my H1B petition from Company A to Company B and travel to US with the new petition (Company B) and Old Visa (company A).

The answer I got was yes.

But I have another question that If I travel with the new petition and Old Visa will I have problems at immigartion because my passport will show Company A name on the Visa and my petition will show company B name.

To my knowledge you can do H1b transfer only if you are in US. You can’t be in India and do the transfer. You can come to US through company A and you can apply for transsfer through company B

The PoE officer usually allow people to enter US even if the employer name in the passport and petition are different. You can have all supporting documents from new employer, and just the visa stamp bearing old employer’s name.

It can be done from outside US as well. H-1 transfer is nothing but filing of a cap-exempt petition. Once a person has an approved petition, it makes them eligible for new cap-exempt petitions (aka H-1 transfer).