H1b petition RFE response Review


My H1b petition was filed on 22 Nov 2011 and in March 20 2012, I have received RFE .

My Consultancy have answered RFE on May 3rd Week 2012 and still it is showing as RFE response review till date.

Application was filed @ california service center .

Can u please put some light on it ?

If by chance it gets denial will uscis refund the application fee which i paid for filing?

Thanks is advance.

Usually USCIS responds from 2 to 6 months in case of regular petitions. So you have 1 more month in this case.

No USCIS does not refund the fee if the application is denied for H1.


Presently I am in India and my petition is filled through a consultancy in US on NOV 2011.
Its been nearly 1 year. But RFE is answered in MAY 2012 …Now Its in RFE review status…So how long it might take more to get the response from them?