H1b petition return to uscis

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I have posted some queries regarding my existing H1B petition. Further some updates happened and i would like to get your suggestion.
Back ground:
I have got H1B petition with one of the consulting company and got approved from USCIS ( 2022). I went to interview with consulate and RFQ to submit,
after two months petition send back to USCIS for Background check and possible revocation. It was due to Petitioner & end client name lot same and in same building, as well some document clarification needed from Petitioner. I have informed Petitioner to check with USCIS and last 4 months they said not heard from USCIS.
I have directly contacted USCIS and they have informed Petitioner or Attorney only they can give information. Same i have informed to Petitioner, which
petitioner response is they cant help anymore and they asked me i can transfer H1B petition through any eligible employer ( i think they afraid to contact USCIS for further
probe in the operation). If they have received or contacted for clarification , which they have not informed me asap, if They did not submit clear reply my Petition might be
cancelled in the future ( assume).

Another thing is that current 2023 H1B lottery also mine got selected through my current company ( Indian IT services Organization ( one of the top 5) and i have got client letter from big US
MNC company ( as i am working & managing client offshore activities). Currently Attorney going to file Petition in USCIS.

I have query regarding existing Petition can be transferred ( LCA & H1B transfer) ?
2023 H1B petition filing , USCIS might ask or inform my current employer attorney about existing Petition, which scenario what is the option i have?

Please help me to take decision and suggest your kind understanding. It will be great help. Thanks for your valuable time.

There is a 50% chance as you didn’t had visa stamping.

Each petition is treated separately and USCIS do not inform your current employer regarding any past petitions.

Dear Kalpesh,

Thanks for your kind reply and valuable time for taken to reply.
Is there a way to cancel last year Visa Petition incase to avoid confusion or any issue to current year Petition. As mentioned USCIS not telling me any info.

Only the employer can do it. Also the employer is bound legally to withdraw the petition if the job offer doesn’t exist anymore.