H1B petition pending after September 30th. Do I need to leave US within 60 days?


My H1B visa was picked in the lottery in April 2018. I received an RFE for the petition on August 23rd and the lawyer has sent the response to the uscis. Now, no one knows when the decision would be made on that. I am assuming it is possible that it might not be made before September 30th. I am on cap gap extention right now, and my work authorization is up to September 30th. My question is, Do I need to leave the US within 60 days after Sept 30 even if I do not have any decision on my petition. This actually is not making sense to me and that’s what I read on a lot of websites. I can understand if the H1B is rejected/denied, then leaving the country in 60 days makes sense, but what if the decision is still pending?

Please if Red-bus could give me some correct information.

Thank you!