H1b petition not seleced in lottery | Was it filed?

My employer applied for an H1b petition for me this year. They notified me that they received my package back and my application is not selected in lottery. I wanted to make sure he is not lying, so i asked them for the returned package. They sent me one scanned page which has a general text which says that USCIS reieved your application but you were not selected in lottery. But nothing in that letter confirms that this H1b was filed for me only.

This page has only a FileNo: which is blank and a FormNo: which has I-129 written by hand. Is the I-129 form returned by USCIS just one page letter with no detailas about the applicant? There must be some way to associate it to an applicant?

Please advice, what document should i ask my employer to share in order to confirm that my H1b was actually filed

There is no way to know for sure if the petition was really filed or not. However, there are pointers which can guide you. You already have the rejection notice. You can ask him for copy of I-129 and LCA and then see if it contains your name or not. It is possible that the employer completed the I-129 and LCA and never filed it.

Did you pay anything for the H-1?