H1B petition non-STEM degree IT/ERP job

While contemplating an H1B through my employer, I have browsed enough H1B posts on H1B related forums to assess my own eligibility lest my rejection for any unforeseen reasons is a cause of disappointment for me and embarrassment to the employer esp. because my employer is small yet highly credible in the market.

While I note I am eligible based on points criteria (12 points), I was a little apprehensive given the nature of my degree that is not entirely a STEM discipline (related to Argo and allied technologies) and is not even remotely related to the nature of employment.

My work and my experience is in an Information Technology stream for which I am sufficiently experienced and certified with well-known organizations and institutes that are proprietary to the countries where I worked for which equivalence may be difficult to establish.

Given I and the end employer knows that I am competent for the job and adequately qualified for the job, how can I emphasize the same in the application lest the assessing officer is only concerned with “papers” submitted. Given the posts on www on h1b ecosystem, I see there is a possibility of discretion based on the assessing officer!. I am a well-rewarded well respected, well in demand professional in the area that my future employment is based.

Usually in such cases, your employer can submit that actual job opening requirements along w/ details about how you satisfy each of those requirements on the basis of your education/training/experience.

Thanks Saurabh