H1b Petition is valid for one year

Hi All,

First time , I have applied for H1b and my H1b approved and it is valid only for a year from 3 jan 2014 to 3 jan 2015. I hope, It is supposed to be for 3 years. but I dont know, why it has been for a year in my case.

Can any one help me to understand this and Im planning to attend for visa this month end. please help me. your suggestions will help em a lot.

Thank you,


H1B petitions are usually approved for 3 years or the requested end date in the petition, whichever is earlier. You may check the same in your petition copy if you have it or check with your employer/attorney.

I am not sure about any scenarios where USCIS will reduce the validity period to 1 year if 3 years were requested.

At times USCIS issues it for a shorter duration based on their review of submitted documents. For example, a consulting company files for a 3 year petition but submits a client/project letter for only 1 year. If the company doesn’t have a good long track record, USCIS can approve the petition for just 1 year so that they can review the case again 1 year from now (to confirm that the company still has the financial stability and job opportunity for the employee).