H1B Petition is still valid or not?

My H1B approval came on 28th january 2019 valid till 31st march 2019 only.
I got my VISA stamped/approved on 23rd Feb 2019 and now because of some reason I am not able to travel within my VISA approved dates.
This would have been my first travel to US.
Can anyone help me with below queries:

  1. Will I be able to file for extension even without travelling to US even once?
  2. Is my petition still valid even though I have not used it ?
  3. A camp exempt petition can be filed for same petition or do I need to file a fresh petition now?

Yes. You cant file extension by yourself. Your employer should file for it.


Its not CAMP, its CAP. Yes, you can have an extension filed under CAP -EXEMPT

Thanks for your response and correction :slight_smile:
Just one more concern…In my case for any future plans do I need to again through complete lottery process ?