h1b petition is filing 2015, passport will expire in Sep 2015 ,any issue?

Hi All,

My employer is filing the H1b petition in Apr2015, submitted all my docs.

But I realized that my passport is going to expire in Sep 2015, and promptly renewed the passport too.

Can some one please tell me , will it be a problem if the petition has old passport details in the process of approval?

How to better handle this. Appreciate your quick response on the same.

Thank you!

I didnt get you. Did you get your passport renewed AFTER filing the H1B papers OR BEFORE filing them?

If After, dont worry, you are fine.

But if Before, why you didnt use the renewed passport but used old passport?

first of all thanks for taking time to answer it,

It is after filing it actually, I don’t have chance now at my company to give renewed passport details.

If after, hope it wont be problem.Do you know when to update the renewed passport details? at the timing of stamping?


I have a query about passport expiry date. I got I-797 approved and my validation date till 2nd sep 2019. My passport is expiring on 30th Dec 2017.
I have scheduled my VAC on Dec 30th 2016 and my Visa Interview on 27th Jan 2017.
I have 3 questions? To avail full 3 years visa as per my I-797 without facing any I-94 or extension later point.

Is it advisable to renew my passport after VAC and before Visa Interview (27th Jan 2017) ? If yes, my DS-160, I-797, I-129, Visa fee & VAC done using the old passport only. Can they agree my new passport and stamp in my new passport ?

Or Is it advisable to renew my passport after Visa Interview or stamping ?if yes, my DS-160, I-797, I-129, Visa fee, VAC & Visa Interview would have been done using the old passport only at that time. Will the immigration officer at india or usa agree my new passport because my old passport will be cancelled once I renewed?

Or I should only travel with my existing passport ? and use I-94 for extension ?

Which option is hassle free ? as I am expecting my depended to be added soon.
Kindly advice asap and my interview in yet to attend in a month.

Kindly anyone advice

I am also facing the similar problem, my employer is applying h1b in april2019 and my passport expires on September 2019. I planned to renew it on August. Presently I gave my existing passport details. Please someone help me out. Thanks in advance