H1B Petition Filing


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I got changed my name last year 2020 and gazetted in government, but due to pandemic I haven’t updated mine passport, meanwhile my employer insisted for filing H1B and fine wit filing H1B with obsolete name

I haven’t picked/selected in first round of lottery, hence I went for name change in passport, I haven’t had idea about 2 round of lot

Surprisingly I got selected in second round of lottery nw mine passport is with my new name and yet to file the petition

Will I have impact in petition approval process for name change

Should I go ahead updating degree certificates and experience letters else fine with government gazette copy and stay with obsolete name

Rest of all records are clear alike degree certificates, Exp letters

Please advice I’m terribly worried of this

Talk to your employer’s immigration lawyer. You may need a notarized affidavit for name change to be submitted along with other documents at the time of filing H1B petition.

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I do have notarized certificate and Govt gazette copy of name change will be enough for name change in petition submission

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