H1B petition filed but want to go for MS (F1 Interview)


I had applied to Texas Tech university (MS-MIS) [b][only 1 university][/b] and after all the formalities got the i-20 with $1000 scholarship and[b] in-state tuition fees[/b]. ([b]$19408[/b] is the i-20 amont) 10th: 89.2%, 12th: 80%  Engineering: 75%, Gmat: 570, AWA: 5.5, TOEFL: 112/120

Now, side by side my employer filed my H1 B Visa and currently my H1 B visa is in "Internal Review" state.

I am in a dilemma now.

1) Should I go for F1 Visa Interview in this scenario? The 2 major problems would be that I have applied to just 1 University and an H1 B Visa petition is filed for me.

2) If you still recommend me to go for an F1 Visa interview and in worst case if the VO rejects my Visa, then will this also adversely impact my H1 B visa.

3) If I defer my admission to Spring, then is there a chance that I go to US on H1 B and change it to F1?

I don't want to lose out on opportunities. And the worst part would be to lose both these opportunities.

Request your help on this please. What do I do?

Truly Confused
  1. Do you want to study or work? If you want to study then go for F-1 visa interview. If your plan is to work, then do not go for F-1 but wait for H-1 approval. What is the deadline for admission?

  2. Should not

  3. You can either study part-time on H-1, or file COS from H-1 to F-1.

Hi Saurabh,

Thanks for your response !!

I want to study but I feel applying to 1 University and my H1 B Visa Petition would work against me during F1 Visa Interview.

I applied to just 1 University because of my low GMAT scores and the totally affordable course expense of Texas Tech. If I plan to go for the third option [You can either study part-time on H-1, or file COS from H-1 to F-1], what additional things do I need to do from my side.

Thanks a lot in advance for your time !!

If your main aim is to study, then you can go for F-1 visa now. I don’t think they will know about the pending H-1 petition as the latter is w/ USCIS while consulate is part of DOS. If F-1 gets approved, you can use it to enter US and study full-time.

I would highly encourage you to go with your H1B. Graduate studies in the US can be done part time at almost any age and there are several schools which provide you a lot of flexibility. On a positive note you would not have to think about paying off your student loans if you plan apply for any. On an H1 you could work and pay for your tuition as well. Remember even after studying you would be hoping to get an H1B. Take what you have right now, come here visit univs and apply and see how things go… It is true that you might not have a great social life and the college spirit and stuff if you do things part-time. But again, remember that even after you finish your course you are going to want some one to apply for an H1B for you… so… good luck with whatever you decide!! and all the best!!