H1B petition approved then went to RFE after 2 days

My H1B case is a wiered one. I received an email notification on 14th AUG 2012, saying my case has been approved and it is in post-decision activity after long 95 days. But to my suprise yesterday 16th AUG, got another notification saying my case is pending RFE.
Did anybody face same kind of problem. How to find out what is the actual case status and how to proceed.

Please help me analyzing my issue.


Sandy, sorry to hear that. But can you tell us, whether your case was a PP or was it a normal case?
What is your receipt date?
Mine was 7th June, still waiting for a decision.

hey, mine is under normal processing. receipt date is 14th MAY 2012.
I wonder howcome my approval became RFE after 2 days. Any ideas or any system fault.

Which center?

Vermont. any idea why this happens.


I am in the same situation. I reveived I797 approval notification on 12-Dec-2012, and received RFE on 14-Dec-2012. What is the resolution in your case?