H1b petition approved, however no information provided by employer

My H1B petition is selected in cap and approved, but my employer will not reveal any details of my petition, including my acknowledgment number. All i have is the LCA number.

Since i would have to get married in October, and If i do not receive a US project from my employer - I would like to resign after October 1st without H1B stamping, and instead enter US on H4 visa.

is it possible to transfer from H4 to H1B in future as cap-exempt? Without any details of my previous H1B petition which was selected in lottery and approved?

You really do need the receipt number & 797 for a transfer. Is this a desi consulting firm? A lot of them will actually hold on to the 797. This is quite frankly, illegal and you can’t do much except hire a good lawyer or try to file an FoIA request to get your 797. The good part is you are in India, so if he needs you he has to give you all the documents before you go for stamping. For now try to atleast get the receipt # so you can go online and make sure its approved.

Thank you. But - Are you suggesting, that i file an FOIA request to get my receipt number? My employer is an MNC, and they are not willing to share the receipt number until it is necessary to go to H1B stamping which could be months after October 1st. I would get married in october and would like to come to US in November on H4, as it is possible that my employer might not be able to find a US project till mid 2016. Also, is it normal that MNC’s apply for H1B petitions, and not send employees for H1B stamping even months after October 1st? Wont it be an issue, if we go for VISA stamping, after many months from October 1st - though the petition mentions that start date is on October 1st?

Let me put it this way. Most MNCs file a large number of visa applications but only a few get through because of the lottery. So you are actually quite valuable to your company right now. I can’t imagine why they would not send you here, especially because the US economy is so hot. If I was you I’d talk to a few colleagues and ask them how it works. Wait till August/September, keep the FOIA request as your last option.

Thank you. That gives me a lot of hope.