H1B Petition Approved - How to add spouse H4 details ?


My H1B Petition is approved, Will do the online DS160 soon and schedule the interview.

While I am applying for H1B, I was not married and now its petition is approved. I would like to add Spouse details and get H4 visa for her.

Can I just add family details in DS160 and go for interview together ? or do I need to do anything more ?

Kindly advise.



Yes, the spouse can apply for H-4. Complete one DS-160 form for each applicant and mention each other’s information in your DS forms. Submit the filing fees separately for each applicant.

When scheduling the interview, start w/ H-1 holders application and towards the end it would ask to add family/dependents. At that point, you can add H-4 holder to your visa interview.