H1B petition approved for 2 months, Would officer approve visa or deny due to short period ?

My H1B petition has got approved by the USCIS for 2 months totally. I am going for stamping in May. Would the officer stamp my visa or would reject it citing short period. How is it at the POE having literally 1 month in the Visa ?

We submitted, as a part of new petition, a RECENT client letter that shows current SOW expiring on 12/31, and a SOW from my previous denied H1B petition, that had SOW expiring by may. Due to both the documents, the officer has picked the one expiring by may to approve my petition. I have less than a month as the documents arrived from USCIS very late. During stamping would the officer approve or deny the visa stating short period ?

I had a visa stamped until feb 2018 which got invalid because of the denied petition. Please let me know if you need more information.

You will be probed on if your travel is absolutely necessary. If it is not, you maybe denied. Given that you have been denied before, you may want to have a sound reason to back up on why you need to travel for such a short period for the project that you are currently working on.

Can we say that, we have a new SOW in place and the project is surely to stay for 2 to 3 years. Also my employer will certainly apply for extension as soon as i have a new i94 ?

Yes, have an answer well prepared with supporting documents as proof.

The visa interview ended with a 221g and my passport was given back to me. Moreover i am asked to submit various documents which will take me 2 weeks to collect. And after this administrative processing might take months. How do they handle the situation where the i797 approval period is getting over before the administrative processing gets over ? Because this is my case right now, my approval is very small window and its going to be over this month. Administrative processing might take more time. Please suggest what might happen.

Supporting documents are the ones, you must not have missed before you even turn up for the interview. As you seem to have missed carrying them, there is nothing that can be done now. If the validity ends, the case will be closed eventually.

When you reapply for extension, the same may come up again.