H1b Pending status 221(g) attended at Mumbai consulate in 2009

I have attended the H1b visa Interview in 2009 year from Mumabi consulate,

i got white slip query letter 221(g) pending for client letter,vendor tax returns,employee details under employer.

its been 4 years i have no idea wether petitioner as revoked or denied the I-797 petition in US. how can i check this apart from CAEC website.

if the I-797 petition is denied or revoked by employer is my 221(g) status will still live and also whether my profile data will be there with USCIS when i attend visa interview again with new h1b petitioner , will they cross check with my previous profile.

anybody please answer my question

What’s the status of your petition number on USCIS website? Also, what’s the last updated date on the USCIS website?

They will know about your immigration history but it will not impact the outcome of new stamping as long as they didn’t find any fraud/false representation in previous stamping.

Unfortunately both of my previous employers are in vain now, , they have shutdown their business during recession, i do have only the documents with me .

USCIS maintains my previous immigration information do this affect in anyway if apply for new stamping with my current employer

Do they ask about my previous employers and and send for verification

Becoz during first h1b visa interview they have quried docs from US employer who has filed my petition not from Indian companies.
In keeping view of this my previous employment is clear as per their records right or they will ask for anything when i attend for new visa interview from my current employer

They usually do the verification w/ current H-1 employer. They check w/ old employers only if they suspect that your experience is questionable.