H1b pending : Change employer possible.?

Currently on OPT-extn which expires in less than a month…

Emp A already filed H1 … (currently in process)

I want to move to new Emp B but Emp B can not file a new H1 as quota is over.

How can I work for new Emp B…? what are my options…? The best would be to wait till the H1 is approved and then make a transfer but I am looking for a more quicker solution and my Emp A is not willing to do premium procesing.

As far as I know, you can transfer only approved H1B petitions. So you will have to wait for the decision on your petition from USCIS.

Upgrading to Premium Processing is an option for you to get your petition adjudicated quickly. You may ask your employer whether they are ready to upgrade if you bear the Premiun Processing fee.